• Life-Younger C&I Energy Storage Solutions


    In an era of significant economic development and social progress, the energy demands of industrial and commercial enterprises are ever-evolving. As the load curve deepens its contrast between peak and valley demands, a solution is needed to address the challenges this creates. That's where Life-Younger's Industrial and Commercial Energy Storage Solutions come in.

    Our solutions effectively navigate the challenges presented by peak power shortages, enabling local economies and businesses to flourish unimpeded. By promoting a harmonious balance between energy supply and demand, we're paving the way for sustainable socio-economic development.

    Life-Younger's integrated energy storage system is a robust, multi-faceted solution designed to meet the complex energy needs of today's industries. By combining battery systems, energy management systems, energy storage inverters, and intelligent temperature control systems, we've created an advanced industrial energy storage system that is as versatile as it is effective.

    Our commercial energy storage system adopts a flexible, modular configuration, allowing for custom solutions that meet the unique energy needs of various industrial and commercial scenarios. With the ability to support multi-mode operation, our storage battery system not only improves grid stability but also significantly enhances return on investment.

    Life-Younger's industrial and commercial energy storage solutions are perfect for applications that require a high degree of grid continuity. Whether used for peak-shaving, as a backup power source, or in microgrids and storage charging stations, our systems ensure reliable, efficient energy management.

    Step into the future of energy with Life-Younger's Industrial and Commercial Energy Storage Solutions. With our advanced lithium battery technology and state-of-the-art energy management system, we're delivering the power of tomorrow, today.

    Efficient & Profitable

    • Multiple benefits: peak-to-valley interest arbitrage, dynamic capacity increase, demand management, demand-side response, increase green power utilization rate.
    • Efficient integration: intelligent algorithm, extended life, 98% charge and discharge efficiency, high space utilization with small area.

    Convenient & Flexible

    • Modular design, convenient installation and debugging
    • Bus connection, easy to expand and manage
    • Access-friendly, flexible and diverse methods

    Safe & Reliable

    • Seamless switching between on-grid and off-grid to ensure power consumption for key loads
    • Comprehensive cloud monitoring, rapid fault alarming
    • AI intelligent management to improve thermal management capabilities
    • Multi-level protection, fast fault isolation
    • Improve power quality and assist power supply when the grid is unstable





LiFe-Younger C & I energy storage system adopts high-safety and long-life LiFePO4 cells, built-in PCS with integrated inverter and boost, and has a well-designed and beautiful appearance. It can intelligently monitor, query and manage information in real time through networking, it's easy to layout and covers a small area. It provides an economical, flexible and efficient solution for applications with high requirements on grid continuity, peak shaving and valley filling and backup power supply, etc.



2 MWh large capacity energy storage vehicle, equipped with six new energy vehicle charging guns, also provides rich industrial power output interface, realizes fast charging and long time power supply, but also effectively reduces environmental pollution.


Utility ESS

LiFe-Younger Utility ESS can customize container packaging of various sizes based on requests, using safe and efficient lithium-iron batteries, integrating communication, monitoring systems, power conversion systems, fire protection and auxiliary systems. The product has the advantages of high integration, flexible configuration, full functions, convenient installation and debugging.



LY trailer power series are convenient, beautiful, and powerful. The 200kwh power can rescue multiple vehicles without power on the road.