• Life-Younger Residential Energy Storage Solutions


    Embrace the power of renewable energy with Life-Younger's Residential Energy Storage Solutions. As the world becomes increasingly attuned to the benefits of renewable energy, our home energy storage systems serve as a beacon of innovation and practicality.

    Harness the power of the sun with our rooftop solar power devices, and supplement your energy needs with low-cost power sources from the social power grid. Our intelligent home energy storage systems store surplus electricity, ensuring you have the power you need during peak times. This means consistent, reliable energy for your home, while also capitalizing on the cost differences between peak and off-peak electricity rates.

    Life-Younger is a solution provider in the field of energy storage systems, offering an integrated "home storage battery + storage inverter" solution. This system includes a variety of storage inverters and home battery storage systems, ensuring you have the right solution for your energy needs.

    Our Residential Energy Storage Solutions come equipped with remote APP monitoring and photovoltaic module systems, forming a mini, intelligent home battery energy storage system. This system is perfect for new photovoltaic power stations, transforming existing residential grid-connected systems, and even areas with weak or no electricity grids.

    Monitor your system with ease through our cloud monitoring, and step into a zero-carbon lifestyle. Embrace the future with Life-Younger's Residential Energy Storage Solutions – powering your home, saving your money, and protecting our planet.

    Efficient & Profitable

    • Multiple benefits: Charging at peak and discharging at valley, save electricity bills
    • Efficient integration: 98% charge and discharge efficiency, high utilization 

    Convenient & Flexible

    • Modular design, plug and play, convenient installation
    • High protection level, wide installation environment
    • Comprehensive cloud monitoring, rapid fault alarming

    Safe & reliable

    • Seamless switching between on-grid and off-grid without power failure
    • High-quality lithium battery cell, AI smart management, safe and efficient
    • Multi-level protection, fast fault isolation





Residential ESS

LiFe-Younger household energy storage all-in-one system uses flexible battery modular design and integrates inverter, EMS, and UPS management systems to create an efficient, safe and intelligent residential ESS. It not only meets various energy needs such as uninterrupted switching power supply and remote control, but also configures intelligent operation schemes for electricity consumption habits, peak and valley electricity prices, bringing economic, safe and convenient operation experience to the family.