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  • Container Energy Storage Solutions - Ground Station Series


    Discover the power of customization with LiFe-Younger's Energy Storage Integrated Cabin. This solution allows for personalized container encapsulation sizes according to your unique needs. We utilize a safe and efficient lithium iron phosphate battery, integrating communication, monitoring systems, power conversion systems, and auxiliary systems, all under one roof.

    Our container battery storage system boasts of high integration, flexible configuration, abundant functionality, and easy installation. These advantages empower you to deploy the system at any grid node, offering versatility in application from emergency power supply to new energy stabilizers.

    Explore the possibilities of peak shaving and valley filling, frequency regulation, and new energy grid-tied operations with our utility battery energy storage solution. Open the door to the future of energy management with LiFe-Younger's Container Energy Storage Solution – where adaptability meets power.

    Profitable and Efficient

    • Multi-scene application, support peak and valley arbitrage, auxiliary services, etc.
    • Reduce electricity cost, intelligent algorithms improve system efficiency
    • Stable battery cell temperature, sensor technology and big data support

    Smart and Friendly

    • Grid-friendly, proactive support, quick response
    • Algorithm intelligence, efficient operation, prolong service life
    • Access-friendly, diverse and flexible

    Safe and Reliable

    • Intelligent management, AI support, improve thermal management capabilities
    • Fault isolation, multi-level protection, coordination of components and systems
    • Full life cycle management to ensure quality

    Flexible and Convenient

    • Modular design, plug and play, convenient installation
    • Good compatibility, capacity can be expanded on demand
    • Support multiple sets of parallel use with a wide range of capacity



    Category ltem

    Technical Parameters


    Container Specifications 20FT
    Full Capacity 2MWh
    Adaptable Voltage Range 500~1500Vdc
    Charge and Amplification Rate 0.5CP (1MW PCS Built-in)/1CP(2MW PCS External)
    Cell Parameters LFP-3.2V-280Ah-896Wh
    Module Parameters


    Cycle Life

    >5000 Times 0.5C(90%DOD,80%EOL)

    Cycle Efficiency ≥94%-0.5C/≥91%-1C (DC Side)
    AC Power Fully Equipped with PCS Power 1MW
    BMS Program Active balancing + three-level architecture
    Communication Interface Ethernet/RS485/CAN
    Communications Protocol Modbus-TCP/IEC61850/104
    Temperature Control Scheme

    Liquid cooling

    Fire Protection Scheme Gas, smoke, temperature detection + Novec1230/
    FK-5112 + frequency conversion exhaust
    Insulation Resistance >10MΩ
    Auxiliary Power Supply AC380V-50Hz
    Elevation ≤2000m
    Permissible Ambient Temperature ~40~+55℃
    Permissible Relative Humidity 0~95RH(no cold dew)
    Degree of Protection


    Anti-Corrosion Rating C4 (C5 optional)
    Size (L*W*H) 5800*2300*2400 mm
    Full Weight 25T
    Product Certification

    IEC62619 UN38.3  G99  ETL listed conforming to

    UL1741 / FCC / IEEE1547 / CSA 22.2

    CPUC RULE 21 / HECO RULE 14 




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