• Intelligent Storage Integrated Cabinet


    Discover the power of intelligent energy storage with LiFe-Younger's Commercial & Industrial (C&I) Energy Storage System. Engineered with a secure and long-lasting lithium iron phosphate battery, this robust solution is an investment in reliability. Our system seamlessly integrates an inverter and boosting functions into an elegantly designed package that not only works hard but looks good doing it.

    Experience the future of energy management with smart monitoring, querying, and real-time management capabilities. Compact, lightweight, and armed with a standard embedded modular design, our system promises hassle-free installation and maintenance.

    What sets our C&I battery storage system apart is its adaptability. Tailor it to your project's needs, choose from a wide range of storage capacities, and witness it deliver outstanding performance every time. Crafted with an IP55 rating, our solution ensures dependable operation in a diverse array of environments.

    And the benefits don't stop there. With our modular design, you can scale up swiftly and achieve direct parallel connection of multiple devices, giving your business a competitive edge. Ideal for peak-off-peak price arbitrage, assisting with demand-side dispatch responses, and emergency power supplies, our system is more than just a solution – it's your partner in maximizing productivity and profitability. Make the smart move with LiFe-Younger's C&I Energy Storage System. Power your business potential today.


    Efficient & Profitable

    • Multiple benefits: Charging at peak and discharging at valley, save electricity billsC&I ENergy Storage Cabinet
    • Efficient integration: 98% charge and discharge efficiency, high utilization 

    Convenient & Flexible

    • Modular design, plug and play, convenient installation
    • High protection level, wide installation environment
    • Comprehensive cloud monitoring, rapid fault alarming

    Safe & reliable

    • Seamless switching between on-grid and off-grid without power failure
    • High-quality lithium battery cell, AI smart management, safe and efficient
    • Multi-level protection, fast fault isolation





    Technical Parameters
    BES Rated Energy 215kWh
    AC Side Power Rating 100kW
    Depth of Discharge (DOD) 95%

    AC On-grid


    Grid-connected cable control 3W+N+PE
    Grid-connected cable system 400V AC/ 3W+N+PE
    Grid-tied Frequency  50Hz(±2%)/60Hz(±2%)
    Factor 0.9
    Output harmonics <3% (Rated power)

    AC Off-grid


    Rated Output Voltage  400Vac
    Max AC Current  150A
    Voltage Accuracy 1%
    Frequency Progress  ± 0.2 Hz 
    Output Harmonics ≤3% Linear load
    Dynamic Response  20 ms
    Unbalanced Load Capacity 100%
    Overload Capacity 105~110%, <10min, >110%, Stop running

    Basic Parameters

    Cycle Life ≥5000 cycles (90%DOD,≥80EOL)
    Degree of Protection >IP54
    Cooling Method

    Battery cabinet: liquid cooled,  

    power distribution cabinet: air cooled

    Noise ≤70dB
    External Communication Interfaces/Protocols RJ45/RS485/MODBUS TCP
    Fire Protection System

    Gas, smoke, temperature detection + Novec1230

    /FK-5112 + frequency conversion exhaust

    Anti-corrosion Rating C4
    EMS Integration


    Size (L*W*H) 2500*1250*2000 mm




C&I ESS (iFreezer)-Lifeyounger