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  • Mobile Energy Storage Charging Vehicle


    iTrailer is a high-efficiency, high-capacity mobile energy storage device that revolutionizes the way you charge. With no permits or installation needed, it offers simple and safe setup and operation, wherever you need it. iTrailer provides power supply during grid fluctuations or outages, and can refuel your car, making it ideal for emergency recharging of electric vehicles, road rescue, and outdoor activities. Its substantial capacity of 200kWh can charge up to 4 cars (assuming an average car battery capacity of 50kWh). Equipped with two 90kW high-power charging guns, it can fully charge a car in just 0.5 hours. Energize your world with the iTrailer - the future of mobile energy storage and charging.

    charging vehicle



    • 200KWh battery capacity and 100kW DC dual guns for fast charging

    • 100KW AC output power can be set to meet industrial power requirements

    • The mobile mode is fast, which solves the restriction of power consumption scenarios

    • With CCS1/CCS2 industrial charge socket

    • Great waterproof performance, suitable for all weather conditions








    Technical Parameters

    BES Battery Pack Capacity  200kWh
    Battery Pack Voltage 652.8V
    Cell Capacity   304Ah
    Grouping Mode (C box× 4 + G box ×2) *1
    How the System is Combined 204S1P*1
    Max Vehicle Charging Current 300A (Recommended)
    Battery Pack Top-up Cut-off Current  50A
    Battery Pack Discharge Cut-off Voltage  510V

    Charging Gun Parameters

    Charging Cable(1)Output Power

    90kW*2(Double Guns)180kW(Single Gun)

    (CCS1/CCS2 Plug optional)

    Charging Cable(2)Output Power
    Charging Gun Output Current  0-200A
    Charging Cable Output Voltage Range (Vdc) 200~1000
    Communication Protocol OCPP1.6J
    DC Input Energy Storage DC Energy 
    Replenishment Method
    200A (CCS1, CCS2 Charging base optional)
    PV Input MPPT/45kW PV/DC430~750V
    AC Output Alternating Current Output

    100kW(380V  Industrial sockets63*2; 125*1)


    AC Input Energy Storage AC Replenishment Mode 63A (Industrial Socket)
    Basic Parameters Operating Temperature Range (°C) -10~60℃
    Storage Temperature Range (°C) 0~40℃
    Storage Ambient Humidity (RH) 5%~95%
    Working Environment Humidity (RH) <85%
    Degree of Protection ≥IP65
    Cycle Life ≥ 5000 times (90% DOD, ≥80EOL)
    Thermal Management Liquid cooling
    HMI 10-inch touch screen
    Size (L*W*H) 2300*1500*1300 mm
    Weight 2200Kg
    Housing Material Sheet metal
    Anti-Corrosion Rating C4





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