Focus on energe storage and EV charging products


LiFe-Younger C & I energy storage system adopts high-safety and long-life LiFePO4 cells, built-in PCS with integrated inverter and boost, and has a well-designed and beautiful appearance. It can intelligently monitor, query and manage information in real time through networking, it's easy to layout and covers a small area. It provides an economical, flexible and efficient solution for applications with high requirements on grid continuity, peak shaving and valley filling and backup power supply, etc.


Utility ESS

LiFe-Younger Utility ESS can customize container packaging of various sizes based on requests, using safe and efficient lithium-iron batteries, integrating communication, monitoring systems, power conversion systems, fire protection and auxiliary systems. The product has the advantages of high integration, flexible configuration, full functions, convenient installation and debugging.


Residential ESS

LiFe-Younger household energy storage all-in-one system uses flexible battery modular design and integrates inverter, EMS, and UPS management systems to create an efficient, safe and intelligent residential ESS. It not only meets various energy needs such as uninterrupted switching power supply and remote control, but also configures intelligent operation schemes for electricity consumption habits, peak and valley electricity prices, bringing economic, safe and convenient operation experience to the family.

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Energy storage solutions are a great way to reduce carbon emissions by storing energy generated from various sources for later use. It plays an important role in enhancing the stability, reliability and flexibility of the power grid by providing a buffer to balance energy supply and demand.

At the core of LiFe-Younger energy storage products is a modular, versatile system architecture that can be seamlessly integrated into a variety of industrial, commercial, utility and residential applications. They can store energy such as electrical, mechanical, chemical or thermal energy in a variety of scenarios and release it when needed. They enable efficient use of renewable energy, improve grid stability and provide backup power during power outages.

It is always with the battery energy storage system, which is a technological solution that helps to balance the electricity grid in real time.