• Mobile Energy Storage Truck



    The Mobile Energy Storage Truck, is a cutting-edge solution in the field of energy storage. With a large capacity of 2 MWh, this vehicle offers ample storage to meet the demands of various industries. Equipped with six new energy vehicle charging guns, it allows for fast charging and extended power supply. The truck also features a range of industrial power output interfaces, catering to diverse power requirements. Not only does this innovative solution provide efficient and reliable power, but it also contributes to reducing environmental pollution. By utilizing clean energy sources, our Mobile Energy Storage Truck is a sustainable choice for businesses looking to embrace green technologies.



    • 2 MWh large capacity energy storage vehicle, equipped with three new energy vehicle charging guns
    • Excellent battery performance, in high temperature, low temperature, earthquake, anti-interference and other aspects of excellent performance
    • 0.5C / 1C charge discharge rate, 5000 cycles, 6 charging guns, the max output power is 200kw, support the European and American standard
    • Intelligent BMS / EMS, control, scheduling and protection
    • IP54 protection grade, liquid cold and heat management system, intelligent stability and protection




    Category ltem Technical Parameters
    BES Container specifications


    Full capacity


    BMS scheme

    Active balancing+three-level architecture

    Temperature-controlled schemes

    Liquid cooling

    Charging guns


    Charging gun ①output power 600KW×2(6guns)(CCS1/CCS2 plug optional)
    Charging gun ②output power
    The output current of the single-gun charging gun 0-250A
    Output Voltage Range (Vdc) 200~1000V
    Communication protocols OCPP1.6J
    Charge management HMI 10-inch touch screen
    AC output Rated power 500kW(380Vindustrial socket 400A*1;200A*1;125A*1)
    AC input Energy storage AC energy replenishment mode 500kW(Industrial Socket)
    PV input MPPT/500KW is optional PV/DC300~1000V
    Other Parameters Communication interfaces Ethernet/RS485/CAN
    Communication Protocol Modbus-TCP/IEC61850/104
    Fire protection scheme Gas,smoke,temperature detection+Novec1230/Fk-5112+inverter exhaust air
    Insulation resistance >10MΩ
    elevation resistance ≤2000m
    Allowable ambient temperature ~40~+55℃
    Allowable Relative humidity 0~95RH(no cold dew)
    Protection class ≥IP54
    System EMS 10-inch touch screen
    Cycle life >5000 Times (90%DOD,80%EOL)
    Corrosion protection level C4(C5 optional)
    Size(L*W*H) 6058*2438*2591mm
    Full weight 25T








Mobile Charging Container (iMContainer)-LifeYounger V1.0