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    As society becomes increasingly aware of renewable energy wastage, the need for effective solutions becomes paramount. Life-Younger's Utility-Scale Energy Storage Solutions step in to address this issue, mitigating challenges like unstable power generation and low reliability of autonomous power supplies, thus ensuring a secure operation of power grids.

    Our utility-scale energy storage solution integrates high-energy-density, high-efficiency liquid-cooled battery systems, equipped with comprehensive safety measures such as switchboard-level and system-level fire protection. Complemented with additional features like grid transformers, our Container Energy Storage System guarantees performance and reliability even under harsh conditions. Whether faced with high temperatures, elevated altitudes, wind and sand, salt spray, or even low temperatures, our systems ensure stable and efficient operation.

    Life-Younger's Utility ESS is versatile and adaptable, designed to cater to a diverse range of applications. From plains to mountains, hills to agricultural photovoltaic complementation, desert management, soil remediation, to water surfaces, our utility scale battery storage solutions can handle it all.

    But we don't stop there. Life-Younger's ground solutions push the boundaries of utility scale energy storage. Offering higher energy density, enhanced safety, and extended lifespan, our solutions excel in applications such as peak shaving and frequency regulation on both the power generation and grid sides. Experience the next level of energy management with Life-Younger's Utility-Scale Energy Storage Solutions.

    container energy storage system

    Efficient & Profitable

    • Reduce assessment: improve forecast accuracy
    • Multiple benefits: Participate in utility grid peak and frequency modulation, reduce wind and solar energy abandonment
    • Efficient integration: intelligent algorithm, extended life

    Grid Friendly

    • Active support: primary frequency modulation, dynamic voltage and reactive power control, improve power quality
    • Quick response: smoothing fluctuations

    Convenient & Flexible

    • Modular design, convenient installation and debugging
    • Bus connection, easy to expand and manage
    • Access-friendly, flexible and diverse methods

    Safe & reliable

    • Comprehensive cloud monitoring, rapid fault alarming
    • AI intelligent management to improve thermal management capabilities
    • Multi-level protection, fast fault isolation





Utility ESS

LiFe-Younger Utility ESS can customize container packaging of various sizes based on requests, using safe and efficient lithium-iron batteries, integrating communication, monitoring systems, power conversion systems, fire protection and auxiliary systems. The product has the advantages of high integration, flexible configuration, full functions, convenient installation and debugging.