Papua New Guinea EV Charging Solutions

Lifeyounger electric vehicle (EV) charging cabinet, is equipped with the BMS system that meets a variety of emergency charging needs. Furthermore, we use high-quality LiFePO4 cells which will be safer and efficient. Also, it can help stations to balance this load and significantly reduce demand charges which helps cut the costs of a charging station by 70% according to studies. Energy storage can play an important role in solving grid infrastructure congestion by storing energy from the grid and providing high power output for electric vehicle needs that cannot be provided by the local grid.


Papua New GuineaSolutions

Papua New GuineaSolutions

Product Description

Convenient & Flexible

Different power output interfaces for various use
Lightweight design and Intelligent management

Safe & Reliable

A-grade lithium iron phosphate battery
Multi-level protection, fast fault isolation

Multiple Use

Wide range of application scenarios
Movable and not subject to site restrictions